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Fiksni kamioni / Fix trucks

We are looking for reliable partners!

We are an international freight forwarding company, founded in 1991 and we are looking for reliable transport companies, interested in long-term cooperation.

We can offer you:

  • Transports between following countries:
  • Germany 
  • Austria 
  • Italy, France, Benelux 
  • Switzerland 

We pay the same price for kilometers full and empty.

In one month, we cover between 11.000 and 12.500 kilometers. It depends on the driver.

Daily dispositions of your trucks with selected contact persons.

Conversation in 12 languages.

You can send all documents and invoices by mail.

Payment: 30 days or 10 days with 3% discount.

We need:

  • Tautliner with 13.60 m in length and loading height of 2.65 m by side - or
  • Mega-Trailer
  • GPS
  • the trucks need following equipment: edge protectors, straps and anti-slip mats.
  • Cmr insurance

Contact and prices per mail s.sahinovic@spedition-gerner.de  or  phone +49 8654 600442






Каргоагент.нет е веб систем кој што ви предлага услуги во областа на транспортот и шпедицијата за фирми од Македонија, Балканот и од цела Европа.
Ние создаваме електронски решенија за менаџерите на транспортни, шпедиторски и трговски фирми, кои ќе помогнат за исполнување на вашите задачи побрзо, полесно и поефикасно.

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